The Importance Of Braces

The Importance Of Braces

It is estimated that 75 percent of children will need braces. Additionally, more adults are opting to get braces. Many people get braces for aesthetic reasons, but there are many other benefits that can be reaped from getting braces.

Improve Self-Esteem

This is one of the most common reasons people decide to get braces. Many people are ashamed to smile because they do not like the way that their teeth look. Braces can greatly improve one's smile, which can improve their self-esteem. Braces don’t have to be unsightly either. Many adults are turning to invisalign which are much less noticeable than traditional braces. Smile on Chicago, a Chicago-based dentist, suggests that if you’ve considered getting braces but are concerned about your appearance during the process, you should talk to your dentist, invisalign might be the best option for you. While braces may not be a fun process, the end result is completely worth it.

Easier Time Cleaning Teeth

If the teeth are crowded or misplaced, then brushing and flossing will be a lot harder. This can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these conditions can cause tooth loss if they are not treated. Gum disease can also cause problems in other areas of the body. Gum disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease, diabetes and premature birth. Straightening the teeth with braces can improve oral health by making it easier for one to clean their teeth.

Easier Time Chewing and Speaking

Misaligned teeth can make it harder to chew and speak. If you do not chew your food up properly, then this can contribute to digestive issues. Misaligned teeth make it harder to enunciate words. You will have an easier time chewing and speaking if you get braces. Additionally, orthodontic treatment can prevent you from biting your tongue and cheeks.

Protect Your Teeth

It is important to note that even if your teeth are straight, you may still be considered a candidate for braces. It is possible to have straight teeth and a bad bite. If your bite is off, then you are more likely to grind your teeth. This can cause you to wear down your teeth. Keep in mind that if you lose your enamel, then there is no way that you can get it back. Fortunately, you can protect your teeth by getting braces.

Treat TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a condition that causes intense pain in the lower jaw. Misaligned teeth is one of the things that can worsen or trigger TMJ disorder. If your teeth are not lined up properly, then they can put a strain on your jaw. Braces will take the strain off of your jaw by realigning your teeth. In many cases, people notice that their TMJ symptoms go away completely.